Individualised personal training programs, promoting a healthy approach to nutrition and a balanced lifestyle, providing you with the accountability and support you need to achieve your goals.

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Personal Training

Our experienced personal trainers will work with you to address your needs, be it, muscle gain, weight loss or general overall fitness, each session is personally tailored at your convenience to meet your exacting needs.

Achievable Goals

Session quality is at a very high standard and you will always have the full attention of your personal trainer. Together we will create a plan for achievable goals and work towards them at a pace comfortable for you.

Multiple Locations

With 4 locations, evenly spread throughout the West Midlands, you won’t have to travel far for any training session and being available at a time to suit you, morning, noon or night, there’s no excuse to start your fitness journey.

About Us

For a very long time personal training has been considered a luxury and was a service reserved for only a select few. Mainly because of the price. Now there are gyms opening almost every month and advertising their personal trainers who are overcharging, under-qualified and under-experienced.

Personal Trainers Walsall are different! We guarantee to provide our members with a high quality service from our body transformation coaches.

The methods we use have time and time again achieved the desired results for our members.


Whatever your goal, we will create a personalise plan for you, wether it be muscle gain, weight loss, or general overall fitness, and you can have as little or as many sessions as you wish, we are more than happy to give you guidelines to continue with your transformation in your own time.

Operating from one of our Foundry Gyms, located at various locations throughout the West Midlands, we can accomodate all personal training session to suit you, morning, noon or night.


1 Hour Session
5x 1 Hour Sessions

“ We know people have different goals and personalities, so we do our very best to create a plan to get the very best out of you. Going the gym should be a positive experience, so if you’ve never been to the gym before and feel anxious, we’ll put you with the friendliest face in the gym. If you’re keen on gaining muscle, we’ll create a plan to do exactly that. If you’re a glam girl who wants weight loss, fat loss and fitness, we’ve got you covered. And for busy professionals, we’ve got trainers who’ll improve your fitness level and make you look as incredible as the work you do in the office. ”

Program Examples


Muscle Gain

 If you need to put on some size to fill out your T-shirts then we can help you. You will learn the exercises which add the most muscle in the shortest amount of time, which foods to eat and how many calories you need to be consuming to maintain your muscle.


Strength Training

We can teach you safe and sensible strength training which will not only send your lifts through the roof but it will leave you free from injury.


Weight Loss

If you have always dreamed of seeing those precious abs we can give you a tailor-made diet that can help reveal them, alongside the best core and abs training.


Tone Up

If you need to strengthen a particular body part because it is feeling weak or you want to help improve look of your muscle, then we can help you get firm and defined without looking like a bodybuilder. You will add muscle and lose fat to strengthen and make you not only feel but look better.

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